One of the most professional production companies in Baltics. A project we were partnering was pretty challenging: multiple locations, international crew and cast as well as "Houston" situations on the spot – Some Films made all things work well. Dedicated, focused and experienced partners. Best for complex shootings across the borders. I would suggest to change their name from Some to Awesome Films.



Brand agency BOLD BRAND

Working with Some Films reminds me of all the beautiful and satisfying things of being a filmmaker. On all of the jobs I cooperated with this production house I felt like a part of a family that cared just as much as me and was in it with heart and soul. In this way, a rough and difficult production becomes an easy and enjoyable obstacle. Their intimate and personal approach is defined by sensitivity and thought of the script at hand. Some Films is versatile and a production house that is able to redefine the production process and their own internal organization to satisfy the needs of a job; this is such a relief and dash of fresh air after working with so many sturdy old-school companies.



Somefilms is about hard work, dedication, being precise, open and fast. Olga as the core of Somefilms has the ability of controling the whole process in a very strict way but, and this is the key, making it enjoyable and easy. Plenty of people can do the production but just few of them are able to do it precise and gentle at the same time.


NEJC POHAR, Director

Working with Somefilms is always a pleasure. Strong team usually exceeds our expectations and going an extra mile is part of their DNA. From the second you send the script you can feel confident that final result will be just like you imagined.

Process wise Somefilms team is extra good not only on preparation, but on solving last minute issues too. To summarise work with Somefilms in two words it would be "stress free".



Creative director, McCann Vilnius

Our project for Astro’s EUFA 2016 campaign was a challenging one […] A whole lot of countries to simulate and most of it set in period settings. […] When we saw the location pictures from Lithuania and had gone through a short pre-production with Some Films in Vilnius we knew they were the right choice.


AL ISAC, partner, director

Superwonderful Films, Malaysia 

I've been shooting with many different production companies around the world, and Some Films is one of my favorites. They are really serious and professional and have put all their love and energy to get the best results possible for the commercials I have shot with them. Also, they have amazing landscapes in Lithuania. The talent and the crews are very good.