A Look Inside the Latest Marshall Ads. Some Films partnered with London-based production company DED. to co-produce two global Marshall campaigns. The 400 square meters of studio builds became a playground for the crashing through walls stunts, with the SFX team performing controlled wall falls of various built apartments using a pneumatic system developed in-house. The ads were shot the old fashioned way, on 35 mm, over a seven-day period in Vilnius’ studios and in Kaunas Musical Theatre. 

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Marshall BTS

Some Films' Founding Partner and Executive Producer 

 Olga Radčenko takes up a pleasant duty to help celebrate

the best work of the year as one of the Grand Jury Members at CICLOPE 2018 in Berlin.



ADRENALIN '18 CGI and Production Design arrows fly

to Some Films, Andrius Šarapovas and Paulius Biesevičius! 

We congratulate Lithuanian Advertising Producers Association’s initiative to finally start awarding professionals for craftsmanship in filmmaking. 

Can’t get enough! This time 2 awards, Experiential Design Silver & Merit went to Some Films at The One Club's ADC 97th Annual Awards in New York.


Once again, congratulations to all the team who worked on this TELE2 project, and a big round of applause to the author of the installation Andrius Šarapovas! 

Just snagged Graphite Pencil for Installation Design at the prestigious D&AD Awards 2018!   


“It was like a high-tech sound installation that was showing its ingredients in a very concentrated, clear, simple way. When we saw it, we felt like making it through the inside of a piano. You extended the space endless. From every position you would have another experience that you never heard before. Congratulations. You made sound visual.”


- Michael Keller, Jury President of the Spatial Design category. 

CICLOPE GOLD! Some Films wins a golden one-eyed trophie, an ultimate award in Digital Craft / Live Experience category for realisation of Tele2 Kinetic Generative Music Installation at Ciclope Festival 2017! 

Adrian Belina, the Head of Digital Craft Jury explained judges' motivation to make it a winning entry: "We all loved this particular piece and thought it perfectly demonstrated what the Ciclope Festival is all about… honouring the craft in the work. The art direction and setup of the whole experience really appealed to us. A truly beautiful exhibit.”


Entry video: https://vimeo.com/240435878

Though film production is our love No.1, we recently tried something new and produced an art installation that transforms 4G data into musical sounds. Created by interdisciplinary artist Andrius Šarapovas in collaboration with TELE2, this kinetic walk-in sculpture got lots of love during its exhibition in Vilnius. We are no less happy to see it turning heads internationally. One of the first to cover the piece was Creators@VICE



”Judging the work, sometimes I had to remind myself that these are directors just at the doorsteps of their carriers - the talent of some is so obvious and so mature already”  - says Ieva Java, our Executive Creative Producer and a Jury Member of the 20th YOUNG DIRECTOR AWARD Show in Cannes. 



Innovative engineering in Lithuania allows businesses

to realize even their boldest visions.



The team from Lithuania and Malaysia worked really well together in pulling off a darn cool and exciting spot.



Peek into the shoot with Leo Burnett Vietnam.

Perhaps the most relaxed experience this year.

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In this piece for LBBOnline - Olga Radčenko, Executive producer and co-founder of Some Films, highlights the main advantages of Lithuania as a film destination.



Beautiful raw Lithuanian countryside 

in behind the scenes photos

from shooting Iki private label


Once again -

we are glad to support the Scanorama

film festival!

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Scanorama MMXIV

Starting this year, Lithuania has begun an initiative to encourage film-making investment by offering a 20% tax incentive.

A festive last work of the year!

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lasky millers - bells

Bunch of loveable weirdos dance the night away

in this Ežys Christmas shoot.

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Ežys Christmas / BTS

Feathers, glitter, autumn leaves -

all fell into one beautiful shoot for Lietuvos Draudimas

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We're glad to support

the Scanorama film festival.

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Our sweat and strive for a finish line! Vilnius Marathon shoot.

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vilnius marathon / behind the scenes

Amazing dancers from the Belarus Olympic synchronized swimming team, a brilliant underwater cam-op Txema Vega with his underwater rig and a surreal  Tarkovskian swimming pool makes for an extraordinary combination. 

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oh boy, oh boy, our new website is up!